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Inside The Studio

Welcome to SollarSystems Studios, a video production and postproduction house with the ability to accommodate full-length features, commercials, music videos, still shoots and a variety of other projects. For our workflow, we use only the most comprehensive and tightly integrated architecture available. We have the latest hardware in our workstations and servers. For added security and reliability, we only use Mac OS X on all of our systems. We do everything in house from script writing, editing to Blue-ray authoring. Including 3D animation and special effects using Maya.

Sonic Fan Filmvisit the site

"Sonic" is a non-profit 10-20 minute short fan film based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game franchise that will be available free to download and watch. This short film will implement various elements of the Sonic mythology ranging from the cartoons, comics, and, most importantly, the video games. The film will be a live action piece mainly focusing on the first 3 SEGA Genesis games of the series; in terms of tone, action, and plot. The film will be shot over the course of Fall/Winter 2010 with selective days in early 2011. The shoot will be a 6 day venture at various locations in various conditions. The 5 day shoot will also include special effects photography and aerial filming. There is no formal release date but we hope to have the final product premiere at the 2011 ScrewAttack Gaming Convention and to go online shortly after; however this is not a promise or a guarantee. The film's release will be announced upon completion of the film.

Tegan Rei - Short Filmvisit the site

By the year 2056, nearly one third of Earth's population has contracted the "Teble" virus; which attacks the synaptic pathways throughout the body. No one is certain where the virus came from. There is no known cure...yet.

The medication that slows the progression of the disease is in limited supply and very expensive. This has caused many people to do anything to obtain this medication.

Pro Motion Physical Therapy - TV Spot 1

Pro Motion Physical Therapy is a Physical Therapy and Wellness center with 4 location in New York. They are located in Monroe, Newburgh, South Ozone Park and Woodhaven. This is a commercial we produced for a local small business and was televised on national television. TV Commercial Production is just one of the services we offer. Including the acquisition of airtime. This production was completed in a total of less than 3 days.

Megaman - Feature Fan Filmvisit the site

In the year 20XX, Dr. Thomas Light, an Nobel Prize winning professor in the field of Robotics, creates a series of 6 revolutionary robots entitled the “Robot Master Series DRN” in an effort to use robotics as a mean to better mankind. As a personal project, Dr. Light creates 2 androids named Roll (a female) and Rock (a male) who are made to be as human as possible from appearance to behavior. Rock and Roll are, however, also created due to Light’s goal to have the children he was never able to have. Meanwhile, after the creation of the series gains Light his Nobel Prize in Physics and notoriety, his partner and colleague, Dr. Albert Wily, grows enraged and jealous of Light’s success. Secretly, a man who wants control and power. Dr. Wily decides to reprogram and steal the robot master series to do his bidding so he can wreak havoc and gain control of the city. As Wily begins to steal more of Light’s creations, it becomes clear to him he has the resources to systemically gain more and more control in an effort to reach his ultimate goal: total world domination. With a strong sense of duty and regard for humanity, Rock volunteers to receive a battle upgrade in an effort to battle Wily’s forces, thus donning the name “Megaman&rdquo. The battle for humanity is now between Megaman and all the bots at Wily’s disposal.

Our 2009 Demo Reel

This is our 2009 Demo Reel. This reel consists of clips from various project that we have done from music videos, short and featured films to commercials.


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